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history of reiki What is Gendai Reiki history of reiki

"Gendai Reiki Ho" is a re-investigating of Traditional Reiki and Western Reiki and
restructured by Mr. Hiroshi Doi in 1993.

Gendai Reiki energy is succeeded tracing directly back to Dr Usui's clear line through
Mr. Hiroshi Doi.

Respect the concept of Reiki's foundations by Dr Usui; apply effective techniques which suit to accomplish the concepts.

Gendai Reiki Ho starts with the practice of hand- healing techniques, and its goal is to make our energy stronger, so that we will not resonate with disharmonic energies such as illnesses, worries, anger, anxiety, etc.

NPO Gendai Reiki Network was certificated.

history of reiki Reiki Seminar history of reiki

Here you learn Gendai Reiki and the Seminar has part of four stages.

LevelSeminar details
1 Basic Healing
1.To open your energy path
2.To learn basic knowledge and techniques
2 Advanced Healing Training
1.To improve the quality and power of Reiki energy
2.To learn distance healing, healing in the past/future
3 Special Training for Spiritual Growth
1.To learn self-purifying and creative ways of life
2.Guide to enlightenment that Usui Sensei reached
4 Master's Training
1.To learn the way of life as a Reiki Master
2.To understand the truth of Reiki-ho learn teaching method


history of reiki ami's Gendai Reiki Policy of Teaching history of reiki

Teaching simple basic essence, and supporting students as required.
Supporting students to use Reiki in daily life and to practice Reiki repeatedly after the seminar.
To recommended students to attend Reiki Gatherings as much as possible.

Class size 1 - 4 people per class for new students class
Place Artarmon SYDNEY 2064
Sapporo JAPAN
Master AMI (akemi)ULLRICH
Gendai Reiki Healing Association Reiki Master
Member of NPO Gendai Reiki

history of reiki ami's Reiki Seminar Systems history of reiki

  • Use the Text according of Gendai Reiki and after the seminar
    you can receive a certificate authorized from the Gendai Reiki Healing Association.
  • To understand Reiki of each Level, we will recomend you to attend our getherings & meetings on each level. We offer one free Gathering for meet and practice with other practitioners.
  • Learn each Level separately, and also I will teach Level 1 and Level 2 on the next day, we have practicetill useful daily life.
  • In Level 2 you will learn distance healing, so that you can practice Reiki with more attractive.
    After about three weeks of practicing Level 2 you can learn Level 3.
  • I will teach Gendai Reiki in Japan and in Australia , so if you live in Japan you can attend those in Sydney too. For each Level you can re-attend the seminar once you have already undertaken it for free (only if there is new people attending the seminar).
  • The follow up system is used by attending Seminars and Gatherings, to Practice together in improving your Reiki ability.
  • If you would like to attend the free seminar please advice in advance so I can contact you.
    Attending the free follow up seminar will develop your knowledge as new questions arise.
  • To attend the class, please wear a casual pants style and bring a pair of socks.

flower_yellowgreen Gendai Reiki Seminar Schedule flower_yellowgreen

Sydney Gendai Reiki Seminar

level 1 & 2

DateLevel 1Level 2
16.1.15(Fri) 9:30—17:30  
22.1.15(Thu)   14:00—19:00
  • Please contact me if you have any hope of day.
  • ami's Reiki 10years anniversary Special:Level1&2+ReikiCD-$500
  • We will update February 2015 seminar details once its scheduled.

Level 3

() 10:00—14:00

Sapporo ⁄ JAPAN Gendai Reiki Seminar

  • Please wear casual pants styles and bring a face-towel and a pair of socks.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask if you need another time and date to attend the seminar.
    For inquiry »
  • Regarding Sapporo seminar, we can arrange another classes from 24-Mar until 3-Apr excpet from 15-Mar to 22-Mar. If you have any inquiry regarding to attend a class or gethering, please contact. For inquiry »
  • Dates are negotiable.

history of reikiCost & Class timehistory of reiki

LevelFeeTime Slot
JPY ⁄ AUDSeminarPracticeGathering
1 ¥30,000 ⁄ $330 6 hours 2hours 3 hours
2 ¥30,000 ⁄ $330 5 hours 2 hours 3 hours
3 ¥50,000 ⁄ $550 5 hours 2 hours  
4 Please ask      
  • Each Level includes Gendai Reiki Text and Certificate.
  • When you take Seminar Level 1 & 2 together, it will be ¥50,000 ⁄ A$550.
  • The Seminar time will be change for that day's conditions.
  • If you learn Reiki from the other Reiki system, or other seminar, please advise.
  • Please inquiry for further details.
  • Dates are negotiable.

For further inquiry»

history of reiki Follow up classes ⁄ Getherings history of reiki

Retake Seminar system

After you have taken my Gendai Reiki Seminars, you can retake the same Seminar for free.
It will be taught to you until you really understand Gendai Reiki if necessary.
I will support students to use Reiki-ho in daily life and practice techniques repeatedly after the seminar.
The first retake seminar is free. From the second time retake seminar, the fee is A$30.

If you have been taught in other Reiki areas, we offer a special class & rate for Practitioners and ⁄ or Masters ⁄ Teachers.

Reiki Gathering

Welcome to be attended by any Reiki practitioners and people who want to know about Reiki or have interest in Gendai Reiki.

It's a fun way to look to meeting new Reiki acquaintances and increasing your Reiki abilities.
It will help support students to use Reiki-ho in daily life, to practice techniques,
Reiki Meditation and energy exchange with Reiki Friends and to practice healing.

Receiving Reiju (meaning a method to a purified Reiki path and clear energy will flow to the body) repeatedly purifies body and mind.


Reiki Practice

Practice and experience Reiki healing with Reiki friends as much as you can.
Teaches a deeper understanding Reiki healing and techniques as a practitioner.
Attending Gendai Reiki with Ami.

history of reiki Reiki History history of reiki


Reiki history started though Usui Mikao Sensei(1865—1926) who was fasting and meditating at the power spot of Mt Kurama in Kyoto for seeking enlightenment in March 1922.
After 21days of fasting, Dr. Usui acquired the healing power of Reiki and named it Reiki Ryou Ho.

Reiki Ryou Ho was introduced to the USA and developed and spread through the world, and is now called Western Reiki.

Western Reiki is the Reiki energy line that went though Dr. Usui to Dr. Hayashi and then to Mrs. Takata who lived in Hawaii USA,
she then taught it to 22 Reiki Masters who in turn then spread it around the world.

Traditional Reiki Ryou Ho Gendai still exists in Japan to this day, and only traditional members are today carrying on Dr Usui's ideas.

history of reiki Methodical system of Reiki Energy history of reiki

The following list shows the methodical system of Reiki energy.

Mikao Usui
(Traditional Reiki The 1st President)

Kenichi Taketomi
(The 3rd President)

Kimiko Koyama
(The 6th President)

Hiroshi Doi
(Gendai Reiki Supervisor)

Ami Ullrich
(Gendai Reiki Master/
Healing Space Pink Rose Garden)


history of reiki Clients' voice & Feedback history of reiki


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